How to Save Money on Spirit Airlines Flights

I’m a frugal person. I like clearance racks, coupon codes, and BOGO deals. This also applies to travel. As you guys may know, I fly Spirit a lot because cheap airfare is my best friend. Well, guess what. I just learned of a way to


Vlog: Americana Hablando Español

Hola todos! En Diciembre, yo prometí a blog en español una vez al mes. Pues, yo mentí jajaja. Pero eso cambia hoy! Aunque yo no promuevo a menudo, hago muchos videos en YouTube. El ultimo video que hice fue “Americana Hablando Español | Spanish Tag”. Hay

airbnb logo with racism and discrimination

Do’s and Dont’s of Handling Racism on Airbnb…

There have many accounts of Airbnb racism and discrimination popping up lately, from personal narratives to Ivy League studies, or most recently, the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack. While I’m sure we all know many layers of discrimination exist, the most prominent disparities exist for – you guessed it – us black

NFL Draft Town Chicago Cleveland Browns

NFL Draft Town: A Football Lover’s Dream

Okay, so Draft Town returned to Chicago this year, and even though the weather was disappointing the event definitely was not! Lots of food, music, activities, souvenirs, memorabilia, and of course, all things football. It’s was an entertaining weekend of events for fans and families of all ages. If NFL