STILL Waiting For Your Auxiliar Placement?

auxiliar placement timeline
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Okay. So for the past week the Spanish Ministry has been handing out placements for auxiliares de conversacion in the US. Have you gotten your email yet? If you have, ohmygodihateyouluckybastard congratulations! If not, don’t fret. They’re constantly updating their progress on the official website:




Wednesday (May 11th): I didn’t catch a screenshot, but they reached inscrita 922!




If your inscrita is under the last updated number and you haven’t received an email, please do one of two things.

1. Check your spam folder. It could be hiding in there. Hurry! You only have 3 days (including weekends) to accept your placement before it is forfeited.

2. Log into the profex website. Click “Maintemeinto del CV” —> Auxiliares de Conversacion —> Gestion de Plazas y Profesores —> Consulta Plazas. View your application and click on the magnifying glass icon. You should see your placement under “Zona Geografica”. I’d still email them at this point to accept the placement.

Don’t feel too anxious if you have a high inscrita. People with numbers well into the 4000’s get placed, as many people deny positions or drop out of the program.

Special thanks to the Auxiliares 2016-2017 Facebook group for the constant guidance and resources! I probably would have pulled all my hair out if I was waiting for this on my own.

Did you get your placement yet? If not, what is your inscrita number? If so, where did you get placed?

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  • Krystle Hinkson

    Lauren your blog is hilarious and very helpful. I actually applied to BEDA and just wanted to know why you chose the Ministry of Education’s program over them, given that they provide more assistance? I’m considering applying to the Ministry’s program when it opens in January however I’m highly reluctant given the fact that my Spanish is muy mal.

    • Thanks so much! To be honest, I technically didn’t do BEDA because I wasn’t chosen for the program lol. But even if I was, I would have gone with the ministry because I wanted more money for traveling! I’m going to be interviewing someone in the BEDA program and blogging about it soon!