Where to Find the Best Belgian Waffles in Brussels

belgian waffles in brussels gaufres belgique bruxelles
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I only spent three short days in Belgium, but I absolutely fell in love with Brussels (or Bruxelles , whatever). A top moment, of course, would be eating my first Belgian waffle. Okay, maybe more like first three or four Belgian waffles. Whatever, don’t judge. I mean, with so many options for toppings I consider it irresponsible to try just one. So yeah, I had one with ice cream, one with strawberries, one with nutella, strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream, etc. You know…for research purposes.

belgian waffles in brussels gaufres belgique bruxelles

So where can YOU find these delicious grids of pastry? Well, the path I took was a straight shot on the street just to the left of Grand Place.


According to the map, I guess it starts at Rue Charles Buls, which eventually becomes Rue de l’Etuve, and ends at Grands Carmes. Along these 2-3 short blocks, I’d have to say there were at least six waffle shops. Like Le Belgique Gourmande, Choco-holic, Le Funambule, Pelicaen Belgian Chocolates, and The Waffle Factory, just to name a few.

brussels map of belgian waffles mannekin pis grand place google maps

So which was the best?


I visited multiple, but my favorite was Le Funambule. That’s where I got my chocolate-nutella-strawberries-and-whipped-cream waffle. It was like all of the most beautiful abstract pieces of life were baked into that waffle. I had whipped cream and chocolate and nutella all over my face and hands by while I was eating, but I gave absolutely 0 f*cks. It was worth it.


But you know, they say REAL Belgians eat their waffles plain. I’m an American, and indulgence is my motto, so I always had to get at LEAST one topping. But, I will say I can concur that less is definitely more for the optimal waffle experience. I think the best waffle I had was plain with fresh strawberries. The fluffy batter and crystalized sugars with the tartness of the fruit made heavenly combination of  sweet pillow-soft goodness. Yes, even better than the 4 topping concoction I had at Le Funambule.

Another suggestion for those opposed or allergic to fruits: try a plain waffle with a scoop of ice cream. Make sure the waffle is fresh off the iron!



Bon Appétit to you all!



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