Black in Spain: My Experience Part I

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Before moving to Madrid to be an auxiliar de conversación, I searched dozens of blogs to get a feel of the “expat” experience. Through reading the stories and narratives of others, I learned a lot about what to expect for myself. Yeah, sometimes siesta can be inconvenient, got it. Nightlife doesn’t start until midnight, cool. Apartment hunting in September is basically the hunger games, understood. The only information that wasn’t as readily available was the experience of being a person of color in Spain. 

In case you haven’t noticed, ya girl is very black (and very proud). So hearing from other people of color was something very important to me. Now I’m definitely not saying a white person can’t teach me anything about living abroad. If you’re an auxiliar or any other spanish language assistant, we probably all learned from the same one, anyway (thanks, Liz). But what I can’t do is relate to a person telling me how well they fit in, when I am the literal opposite of their physical appearance.

So, with that being said, I’ve made it a point to share my experience as a black woman living in Spain. Since I am halfway through the program, this is only part one. I will make a part two sometime before I return to America in July, so be sure to stick around if you want to read that story in the future!

Check out the video below to hear part I.



For an amazing blog series on the black experience in Spain, check out these articles by Kisha Solomon.

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Lauren is a Chicago native and budget traveler obsessed with foreign languages, neuropsychology, dancing, and applesauce. She recently quit her full-time job in social services to be a human English dictionary in Madrid, Spain.
  • ksolo22

    Hey Lauren – Thanks for the recommendation. Glad you enjoyed!

  • I’m planning to apply for 2018, and I truly appreciate you documenting your experience. It was very hard for me to find a non-immigrant black American voice.