Canadian Food That Doesn’t Suck

beaver tails ontario
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Let me just start off by saying I don’t think all Canadian food sucks. Just the bacon.

Okay so whenever I travel to a new destination, I make it my business to try some of the local cuisine before I head back home. During my stint in Ontario, I was told that there were two things I just could leave without: poutine and beavertails. I happen to prefer food that sounds as sexy as it tastes, so my initial reaction was something along the lines of “EEeeeehhhHHHhhhHhhH iiiii duuuunnnoOOOOo”.

Despite my lack of courteous enthusiasm, my new friend assured me that I would love it. I promised him (and myself) that I would eat both before my departure,  if only for sake of the adventure. Well, I’m glad I did because it was freaking delicious.

Mile High Poutine:


blue mountain village ontario canada travel food mile high poutine

Traditional Canadian poutine is a dish consisting of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing plate to eat from, but I imagine the taste makes up for the sight. When my friend and I visited Mile High Poutine at their Blue Mountain Village location, I opted for one of their many alternatives to the classic dish (I don’t think gravy and potatoes complement each other and no one can convince me otherwise). I got a chilli & nacho inspired rendition, and my friend opted for the bbq brisket. Hers tasted way better than mine, but they were both nothing short of amazing. The fries were the thick restaurant cut, very hearty but not crispy like most Americans prefer. The toppings were very generously applied, and lasted enough to be included in every bite of fries I got. In whole, I’m glad I decided against another plate of hot wings or pizza for this experience. I’ll  definiteily looking for more things like it here in Chicago!



blue mountain village ontario canada travel food beavertails



It took me up until the very second I bit down into my BeaverTail to make me a believer. I’m not a huge fan of very sweet pastries, I had one thousand  too many donuts and honey buns growing up. I apathetically let my friend choose all of the ingredients, and what I got was a classic beaver tail with hazelnut spread, chocolate syrup drizzle, and oreo cookie crumbles. I rolled my eyes at the crude slab of sugary components in front of me, but got the shock of my life as I chewed on it’s decadent flavors. It was beyond delicious, it was transcending! The pastry was a perfect thickness and texture: having a chewy, warm center yet a light, crispy exterior. The hazelnut and chocolate flavors were so rich in my mouth it tasted like pure sin. It was hands down the best thing I ate in Canada, and my soul weeps every day that I cannot indulge again.


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What are some of your favorite international dishes? Have you tried either of these before? Would you?

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