People Who Can’t Travel With Me

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As I ascend into my mid-twenties, I realize that I don’t have the patience to entertain certain kinds of people anymore. This includes Drake stans, men with “Polo” in their Facebook names, Trump supporters, and barbarians who dip their fries in mayonnaise. The same sentiments apply to the company I keep while traveling. I’m getting too old to waste my precious time and monies on a trip with people who don’t complement my lifestyles. So I henceforth ban the following people from any and all vacations I take until further notice.

Note: culprits are listed in order from mildly annoying to completely unbearable.


If you’re the type to have an itinerary for every hour of each day on vacation, stay away from me. Especially if you’re the type that gets in a tizzy at the slightest possibility of going off schedule. I can’t take that type of micromanaging in real life, let alone the 3-5 PTO days I’m supposed to be carelessly relaxing. Now I’m not talking about the general “let’s do the beach in the morning, mall in the afternoon, and bar hop at night” people. I mean people who wake you up and 7:30 am because they made breakfast reservations for 9 am, took the liberty to sign up for a museum tour at 10:30 am, wants to hit the beach from 11:45 am to 1 pm, and has every remaining hour until midnight filled with specific activities. THOSE planners. Y’all just can’t travel with me. I need to have room for some kind of spontaneity.



Apparently there are people in the world who think that going on vacation means that you should be up for 24 hours each day. That traveling should be a non-stop turn up from sunup to sundown.

“What do you need to sleep for? You’re in (insert destination here)! We’re going to make sure you don’t sleep at all! No dozing off! Wake up and drink!”

I rebuke all of that nonsense. I need AT LEAST 4-6 hours of sleep to be remotely functional on any given day. When I am sleep deprived, both my IQ and any hint of attractiveness drops by at least 20 percent. Basically, I become an irritable, fugly, slow-witted zombie and nobody wants to be around that on vacation.



Okay, so you just got a bonus at work and decide to splurge it all on vacation. You’ve been saving $15 a week for 9 months and you have a nice little stash for shenanigans. You have a $5,000 credit limit with double point rewards and no international transaction fees. Basically, money is not an issue for you. In fact, you’re feeling like an extra in an early 2000’s Dipset video. You cannot travel with me. For no other reason than I can’t afford all of that fancy ish you want to do.  You’re not about to have me out here feeling like your Fonsworth Bentley all week long. You must be within 3 standard deviations of my gross income to be invited on a trip with me.



The homesick travel buddy comes in two different forms.

1 – The person who moans everyday about how they are ready to go home. They may mention that they miss their significant other, home, car, or cat approximately 78.3 times per day. This is the most classic form of homesick.

2 – The person who constantly insinuates that nothing on the trip is better than what their hometown has to offer. They may frequently say things like, “The views are so much better in my city…the rice pilaf back by my house is more authentic…the parks here are so small compared to home”. This is the most annoying form of homesick.

Bye, whiny.



Oh my God, you people are unbearable. If you don’t know what a travel snob is, let me take a second to clarify. These are the Facebook friends who make statuses like, “If you don’t have a passport, you’re basic as hell”. The Twitter users who wait until every Spring Break to tweet, “People are still going to Miami? That’s so high school”. The Instagrammers who take dramatic pictures of their passport with a plane ticket partially hanging out of it in the airport, and caption it something like, “While y’all are sitting at home, I’m out here catching these flights”.


No doubt these people love travelling – which is great – but they make you feel less than if YOU don’t love it, too. They’ll call you basic, lazy, childish, closed-minded. News flash: Everybody doesn’t care about exploring the world, and that’s okay! Some people rather buy a new iPhone than take a trip to Thailand. Some people may need car repairs more than they need to visit the Caribbean. That doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t cultured or aware. For all you know, they could speak 3 different languages! Meanwhile you’ve been to France 3 times and all you’ve learned to say is “Where is McDonalds” and “Do you speak English”. Bloop.

In short, it’s not your business to travel shame people. Until you change your elitist ways, you’re not invited to travel with me.


Who can’t travel with you? Are you any of the people on this list?

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Lauren is a Chicago native and budget traveler obsessed with foreign languages, neuropsychology, dancing, and applesauce. She recently quit her full-time job in social services to be a human English dictionary in Madrid, Spain.
  • My 9-year old complained so much during our Eastern Europe backpacking tour..I have spent time telling her, we are here, let’s get used to it, I think she has calmed herself down given that all she would be doing at home is watching Telly or playing with neighbors, things that she’s done for so long!

    • that’s a good perspective!

  • APPLAUSE! lol I laughed so hard at this, I’m sharing this. I rolled my eyes so hard at the planner and had to school some folks at the travel snobbing. I love travel and hate that it’s becoming semi-elitist. Cut that crap out. Awesome post!

    • Thank you!

    • Raymond D. Sweet

      Considering you can get an international flight for under $500 round trip – God only knows why people think that’s such a thing to be so prideful.

  • Kemkem

    Wow! People post their status and say such mean things like you’re basic as hell? Wow! Glad l don’t know people like that.. 🙂 . Great post!

    • Ron

      Yes, they do. I was apart of one travel group and they called themselves “bougie”. A word I cannot stand hearing blacks call themselves. Needless to say, I left that group.

      • Raymond D. Sweet

        People who say that referring to themselves have very little if not in terms of money in terms of emotional and intellectual wealth.

        • Ron

          I found they certainly don’t have money, only things that they believe to represent wealth. Why someone wants to call themselves “bougie” is beyond me. It’s not a high class position.

    • Oh god, yes. There are travel communities all throughout social media that spit that rhetoric all day. It’s nauseating.

  • Lena L. Price

    Awesome article!!!! Funny as hell but true lmao this is why most of the time I go solo.
    What about the person that just want to stay at the hotel, really. Chile bye, I’ll catch you on the flipside. Dont wait up. Ok I might have a little “party all night” in me

    • Yeah the hotel person definitely can’t come with me! lol.

    • Raymond D. Sweet

      I’m okay with that person as long as they don’t expect you to wait in the hotel with them. I’m good with anyone as long as they do them and don’t prevent me from doing me.

  • Lisa

    I can’t travel with the person who doesn’t understand what type of vacation we’re on. There’s the chill and relax beach vacation, and there’s the ‘we’re on the other side of the world so we’re going to see everything’ vacation. Don’t come with the chillaxin’ vacation attitude if we’ve just flown 16 hours to Sydney, Australia. We’re here to see everything we can! Also, the high maintenance friend can’t travel with me. We’re on vacation. The purpose is to have a good time and see the sites. Don’t hold everyone up because you have to put on a full face of make-up, curl your hair, and color-coordinate your outfit…every morning. I’ve crossed people off of my travel list for things like that.

    • Ron

      Good stuff Lisa…..seems like some folks turn travel into a fashion show. All they want to do is look cute. I’ve been down that road, no thanks.

    • Pauleshia Davis

      OMG YES!!! I’ve went to Panama with a group of girls before for SpringBreak might i add. The point of going is to have fun and get wild and we literally never went to the beach parties because they were doing their makeup until almost 2 in the afternoon and then didn’t want to sweat it off so we did NOTHING THE ENTIRE TRIP. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!

      • It would have became a solo trip for me lol

        • Pauleshia Davis

          Lol I agree never again will I wait around

    • Yes! Girls trips are tough with large groups…I feel like you end up wasting so much time waiting on people to get ready. Lol

    • SJB, Esq.

      this is SO true…co-travelers need to touch and agree on the tone of a trip before boarding the plane!

    • Trina A. King

      Agreed! And folks kill me spending all this money to go across the world to be at a beach. You can be at a beach at home. Go see that country!

  • Pell

    Loose itineraries are golden. I know people hate planners so to avoid being “that girl” what I do is research a bunch of attractions/restaurants/bars beforehand and type it up. But I don’t tell anyone. Then when people inevitably (never fails) start saying what are we going to do, eat etc? I throw suggestions out there. Then the entire trip they turn to me for suggestions because I “planned” and they didn’t. I have been on too many waste of time trips due to people not realizing beforehand that they should see what the city/country has to offer. So that’s why I secretly plan.

    Nevertheless after planning a few group trips myself the constant accommodations (I don’t like rides, I don’t like nature, museums are boring, I don’t eat seafood, etc) has made me realize solo is the best if I want to focus on my own happiness. I was literally exhausted by my Essence Festival trip. The accommodating was too stressful. Never been on a solo trip, but that’s going to be my next move. I just want to do what I want to do.

    • I’m definitely the girl who does her research and makes random suggestions throughout the trip, too! We’re the real MVPs lol.

    • Nicole Payne

      OMG! I thought I was the only one who goes through this on vacation. As if all my friends w/smartphones can’t check Yelp or Trip Advisor or something to figure things out. It gets so exhausting. That I now only have 2 people on my travel buddy list or I go solo, which I absolutely love.

    • Raymond D. Sweet

      Trust me it’s what you want. You can even stay in a Hostel and pick and choose when you want someone around or not. And if I travel with someone it’s understood from the jump – we’re not connected to the hip. You do you and I’m going over here and do me. But I don’t do prior research – cause I’m a people traveler – not a monument traveler.

      • Jeanology

        I love that you said you’re a people traveler because I’m the same way!

    • Taufai Calloway

      I totally want to try a solo trip!! It’s funny that you said the Essence trip was exhausting. I made it exhausting for myself because I was the planning Nazis LOL

    • Adrienne Johnson

      I just did a solo trip to Hawaii 2 weeks ago. See, I don’t want to spend my entire night getting ready for and going to a club, or go to a mall 4 times or wait an hour and a half to eat (this was my Essence last three trips). I wanted to see some stuff I had never seen and I didn’t want to wait until tax season or next year to do it, so I went. Alone. It was expensive, but it was liberating. And I’m totally going to do it again.

  • MsCee

    I just refuse to travel in large groups 5 people including myself is the absolute max… learned my lesson after a group of 10 of my college friends and I went to Puerto Rico… NEVER again

  • SomewhereAlways

    My friend just sent this too me. GIIIIIIIIRRRLLL TWO SNAPS IN Z FORMATION AT YOUR LIST! Thanks a bunch for linking my video!

    I didn’t even think to attempt to make it a tag. I’m only a fake travel blogger lol! Now let me go lurk all up and through your blog?

  • MiGudu

    The very high maintenance friend who has no consideration that you’re nowhere near their tax bracket and insists on only eating at grassfed, organic restaurants in Vegas. We ate at the same place 2 or 3x in 2 days SMH. I’m a healthnut but that was too much.
    The friend who’s afraid to fly but has somehow made it to their favorite European destinations. Please don’t tell me that you and all of your friends are afraid that the plane will drop out of the sky but you all somehow travel. Have faith in the higher power.
    The friend who keeps texting everyone at home even though they don’t normally touch their phone when out with others in their home city. They’re 40 and they keep comparing everything to their hometown. Stay home.
    If you only came to shop for discount designer clothes and not see a thing no bueno.
    If you’re scared there will be a break in at a hotel and continuously check the door to make sure the automatic and manual locks work stay home! She even complained about the free room bc she wore sheer summer pajamas and it was the wintertime. Imagine calling the hotel to get a room transfer on a free room bc you don’t want to hear the diva complain anymore. Seriously!
    Then she was afraid to sleep in the living room next to the bedroom at my house bc it was near the front door. She wanted to take my bed (no!) and then bitched about the airbed.
    Tip: If you get a facial don’t request your 3 makeup bags be delivered so you can put your makeup mask on. The point of a facial is to clean your face and let it breathe. She then refused to take any tourist pictures without the said makeup. I blame the Kardashians for this dynamic.

    Having specific dietary needs i.e. grassfed and organic but not using Yelp to find a list of appropriate restaurants and claiming that LA has no healthy restaurants. Do your search before going across the country!
    People who think the vacation is staying at the hotel, sleeping and not going out. That’s whack unless you’re smashing.

    Folks who make you so late for flights you have to be rebooked and they don’t apologize.

    Showing up at the airport to see your friend’s family there. You think they’re saying bye but no, they’re joining you for the first half of the trip which your “friend” neglected to state, and you have to hear their ghetto mom, sister and little brother in his terrible twos screaming in Patois in the hotel room SMH. No the free Denny’s meals weren’t worth it!

  • Invariable_Muse

    Also, for road trips, people who’re musically incompatible can NOT travel with me! “Oh word, tv theme songs and Turn Up music at 7am? You’re about to get punched.” Haha

  • Ana W. Barraza

    If everything we do and everywhere we go has to be VIP. I cant. I mean I’m not a lets rough it kind of gal but some of my greatest travel experiences have come from walking and exploring off the beaten path. Going off resort, eating at local favorite spots, getting lost in a foreign country.

    • that’s my favorite kind of traveling!

  • Sim Ply Sherri

    Two additions

    People who have no respect for the time, we’re going to go to breakfast at 11 …and here they come at 1230

    People who don’t want to experience loval cuisine

  • Sara

    I cannot travel with a picky eater. There are so many new foods to try and, honestly, I have more things I want to experience than food. I do not have the time to wait around while you find something suitable to your picky palate. Let’s eat some delicious, if questionable, street food and keep exploring!

  • ILiterallyDontCare

    Anyone who wants to bring children along. Cause then we can’t do adult things cause who’s gonna watch the baby.

  • this was everything.. and considering I just got back from vacation I did a mental check and didn’t have these vacation spoilers on my trip.. and I refrained from Vacation shaming too.. not going to lie I did set up a photoshoot for my passport,… hell at least my boarding pass then I said wait that’s my personal info on that… No need I’M OUT..) great post.

  • Rhonda Bailey Brown

    Don’t need a Plan – if we decide to do something cool, if not Better / 4 hours of sleep is cool – I like to party, listen to music and people watch. If you don’t, I’m not made at you. See you tomorrow / I’m Not a Baller. But I have enough to have a good time, no need to make us feel less, because you have more. Miss me with that. / You should’ve stayed at home. I’m sure you knew where we were going and how long we’re staying. / Spend less time showing me your pics…If you spending half your vacation posting pic, how are you enjoying yourself. I can travel with anybody, I know how and when to say, “Hey, I will meet you guys later at ….”

  • Jessica Zuluaga

    I can’t travel with negative people who compain constantly, judge others and critisize people we come accross on the vacation. Also can’t travel with people who are stuck up and can’t be fun . I like to laugh and be silly and am super social with strangers.. someone who can’t do that with me is not someone I would want to travel with. Also, people who want to cut a night short. not the all nighter type but not the “lets go to sleep” type either. Also, people who take forever to get ready and hold up the rest of the group is annoying. oh yea and the one who can’t handle their liquor and are rude, like to argue when they drink and stupid .

    • Jeanology

      Agreed, I’m super social with strangers also!

  • bearbear

    great job summing up these fools…and amen to the comment below, Lisa.

  • Omg my ex was a nightmare to travel with.

    He’d get grumpy when I wanted to do something OTHER than spend all afternoon getting shitfaced. If we did go off & do other things he’d sulk or complain about how hot, tired, bored he is & keep banging on about where the nearest pub was.

    Then if I said that I’ll go off & do my own thing & he can go sit in the pub, he’d hate that too.

    No real explanation needed as to why he’s my ex now …

  • andy

    I agree with the spirit of everything you’re saying.

    That said, I feel like I have to point this out: “3 standard deviations” includes 99.7% of ALL possible options. Saying someone has to be within “3 standard deviations of your tax bracket” means you will travel with literally anyone of any tax bracket, minus .3% of people.

  • @bluegyrl711

    OMG!!! I dealt with the “I wanna go home” traveler, but I couldn’t shoot her, it was my mom!

    The other one I can’t deal with is the person who wants you to do everything for them, completely helpless without assistance!!! “Do this, do that, call here, get that!!” On mute, forever!!!

    Matter of fact, if I have to travel with friends: I will insist on the following, or I. Ain’t. Going:
    1) My own damb room… more $$, I know, but that sacrifice is worth my peace of mind.

    2) The understanding that if I want a day to myself – no matter if it’s a conference or a vacation – sit down. shut up. and leave me alont! I’ve sacrificed 5 days of PTO for this trip, I want at least one day of rest – no calls, texts, voicemails or VOICES calling my name. If I wanna stay in bed that day – don’t come and tell me I’m being lazy, Leave. Me. Alone.

    3) If I say I wanna go do something, and some wanna go and some don’t, I am perfectly fine with leaving you behind – with the understanding that when we get back, I’m not gonna let you make me feel bad that you didn’t go and we left without you. You shoulda brought yourself on.

    4) If you are able-bodied, GET. YOUR. OWN. DAMB. FOOD. The only people I will fetch food for are the following: my parentals, my 2 yo nephew, and my significant other (and even then, I will be like ‘bring yourself’…unless he’s holding seats). Errbody else: If I can, you can, too!

    5) If I’ve checked into doing something: understand, I’ve checked the price, location, how long the excursion will last, etc. If I suggest it and the group says no, don’t come back 3 hrs later talmbout “ooh, let’s go where you suggested!” Understand, my mind is not there any longer. I’ve moved the hell on….

    • lmao at your mom being the homesick one! the joys of traveling with family!

  • Christin Webb

    Great post! I must admit, I can be “The Chronic Planner”. It’s my nature, but I do realize I probably get on my company’s nerve more than anything else, although my planning does help us out. I’ll take a few tips from some of the other comments and just have the plans safeguarded in my brain (or on a notepad) in case other plans fall through or we have time not devoted to anything…

  • Kitty Bradshaw

    Can I add the person that wants to f*ck every person they meet on the trip? No judgement, but if you know your friend is slightly prudish and/ or is not into one night stands… can you opt to HEAUX-cation with your more promiscuous friends?! Now I know some of you are like well how do you travel with people you don’t truly know…. listen there are tons of people that wait until they leave their timezone to come out the closet on a number of things. Your church friend can turn into your midnight marauder friend within moments of obtaining a passport stamp.

    • hilarious! I have a few awkward stories with this kind of traveler.

    • catgee12

      Midnight marauder tho … I am done!!!

  • Jeanine Hines

    Hah! Or the combination of people who say they wanna travel but get to destination and want to whine about allergies, their asthma and their ailments or they don’t wanna go here or there etc. gets on my nerves! Stay home and save ya money.
    That’s why I just prefer now for solo gigs or group travel with strangers.
    At times I see a little of myself in the travel snob or I like to march to the beat of my own drum. So I ride solo.

  • Lisa Roddy

    Lol! The horror stories are making absolutely want ti travel solo dolo!

  • B-Hen

    Too funny! I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  • Dana S

    I really loved this!! Social media is overflowing with travel snobs! Hate it. Great piece!

  • With people that want to stay together 24/24. I mean I have friends with different interests than me, but we meet for some activities and do our own things in the rest. OK, there are some you want to spend 24/24 and the mother/daughter trips :). I mean, once I ve waiter two hours in Paris for a friend to do her hair and next day two hours for manicure. I mean it was ok for me if i would of just went somewhere in that time, but she insisted to wait for her. Never do this. Also the people that are tired all the time.

  • You can’t travel with me if you’re the type of person who travels to foreign countries looking for american culture. i can’t with y’all. it’s a big world, and there’s more to it than “U.S.A.! U.S.A! U.S.A.!”

  • This is a very fun article! We’ve all had travel buddies that were a nightmare to explore with and others who were an absolute dream! I would love to read the opposite to your article (just for giggles): Partying all night, booking the most expensive hotels, etc. 🙂

  • LOL! Love this! The following people cannot travel with me:

    1. Those who cannot explore on their own, instead they need absolutely EVERYONE to participate in said activity. My travel crew consists of people who can move at their own pace and do not mind going solo if need be. If you want to see X at Y time and no one else wants to…go! However, do not NOT go and then be passive aggressive with everyone for the remainder of the trip. You madam or sir cannot travel with me.

    2. If I am going to X location during Y days/weeks and you ask to join but then attempt to change my itinerary to accommodate yours or make all sorts of other requests INSTEAD of either (1) planning your own trip or (2) making a hybrid…’I’ll meet you there on Day 3 and then….” You cannot travel with me.

    3. The ‘obnoxious’ American who views every other place other than America as slow, behind, limited, etc. definitely CANNOT travel with me (or be a part of my life *lol*).

  • People whose idea of sleeping arrangements on a trip involve cramming as many people as possible in one room because we “won’t really be in the room” and it’s cheap can’t travel with me. I need my space to sleep comfortably and shower at my leisure, at this age.


    • Absolutely Keshia! WE are adults! I DEFINITELY need my own space/place to decompress and just have my own energy…lol! I need downtime from people. PLUS don’t even get me started on what the bathroom/room temperature, organization of said shared room *ugh*

      • Yes, it’s too much. Maybe for college spring break when you’re broke, but like you said, as adults, I can’t.

    • my freshman year of college we def slept 6 to a room for spring break in Miami. Never again lol.

  • Ron

    What about those folks that can’t wait to say: I’ve been to all 50 states and 36 countries. To me, that doesn’t sound like a enriching travel experience. I’m never in awe of people that say that.

  • Kevina Russell

    Ppl who can’t travel with me are the one’s who are too afraid to try new things. Like why are you in PR and ordering pizza?! Or why don’t you want to jetski?! Let loose and enjoy life!!

    • lol or chicken tenders

  • Tye

    I can’t stand when they are on the Facebook the whole trip ugh I’m like you should’ve stayed home ??

  • Christopher Cooke

    Hah! Smart! I love it. I concur.

  • SJB, Esq.

    This post was so great! Two more additions:
    (a) The “Do it for the ‘Gram” Tourist who turns every portion of the trip into a 20-40 minute photoshoot (Me: Yes, that graffiti wall IS amazing, and yes, you look so cute in front of said wall. But let’s snap a photo or two and proceed rather than making the rest of the group stand here while you try to get the perfect lighting).
    (b) The “Super Tourist” that asks questions about EVERYTHING, has to engage with EVERY person they see, has to point out every thing that seems new making it painfully obvious that we are tourists. Part of the fun of traveling (for me, anyway) is to try to blend in and just meld into the culture.

  • Taufai Calloway

    I can’t travel with a whole lot of people! A trip to The Dominican Republic (well and a few years prior to Phoenix) let me know that I can’t do a bunch of women. I have a very select individuals who I can do and they all know when I’m hungry they need to feed me (LOL) and when I’m sleepy, I need a nap. I don’t like the clingy ‘we have to do everything together’ folks cause sometimes I just need my space and to be left alone!!

  • Sarah Cass

    I like the decent travel snob lol! I hate the:

    i’m scared of going everywhere because i heard traveler

    the it’s too far lets go to pr/dr/jamaica traveler

    cheap travelers who want to join when they know it’s out their budget

  • TravelDiva

    My thanks to you and SomewhereAlways Tee for validating what I already knew… you cannot travel with everyone! A friend who knows I had a nightmare travel partner told me that someone posted an article “no you can’t travel with me” and I HAD TO look it up! Funny AND true!

    I’ve adjusted my list to add several things from my travels last week…

    5. THE BROKE BUT WANNA-BE BIG-BALLER (I took back those grapes, the bag of oranges, the veggie tray & the bananas… but I want to have a lobster dinner before we go.)
    4. THE GET-OVER’ER (We’re sorry ma’am, we cannot mark down this beach chair to 50% because the headrest is not attached…after purchase: oh looks like it was there the whole time!)
    3. THE CHRONIC RETURNER (who brings Outlet returns from another state??)
    2. THE EARLY RISER (you wanna leave the room at 7 a.m. in morning to do what??)
    1. THE ALL-NIGHTER (And why is the TV remote under your pillow at 2:45 a.m. in the morning…yes the TV is still on!!)

    Still SMH! :-/

  • Shercha

    You can’t travel with me if you only traveling to show off for FB I’m sorry if I have to be interrupted multiple times throughout the day for you to update your snapchat, honey you won’t be invited next time. If I invited you on a backpacking trip and you complaining about being outdoors, you can’t travel with me. If you expect me never to sleep and pop attitude the next morning because I’m gonna sleep anyway you can not travel with me… basically if you wanna act uppity af you can’t travel with me, because I don’t always wanna be in luxurious hotels, usually I wanna immerse myself in the culture of where I’m staying… The slightest “first world” inconveniences do not bother me, close mindedness does.

  • Enrico Harmon

    Don’t forget about the picky eaters who only want what they’ve heard of. TRY SOMETHING NEW…….u fried everything….no mayo no onions no avocado fool you. Smh……these are the people who would much rather eat at a McDonald’s in Belize than go to Errolyn’s Fry Jacks. Haha! *iLuuuuh dat place*

  • Adrienne Johnson

    My favorite travel euphemism is “I don’t catch feelings, I catch flights.” Like can I have both, though? lol

  • Tammie Reed

    Love this and know a few lol

  • Thank you for solidifying why I will indeed remain a solo traveler 🙂

    • Trina A. King

      I love it

  • Heather L Allen

    I can’t travel with the ALWAYS MAKING ANNOYING NOISES 24HRS A DAY JERKS!!! The clicks that the phone makes while texting at 3am… the loud talking in the phone EVERYWHERE… the TV or PANDORA on ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I HATE TRAVELING/SHARING SPACE with THOSE SELFISH ANNOYING AF PRICKS!!! Ok, rant over… had a Dubai flashback!!! BWAHAHAHA LMMFAO ???

  • KBJr.

    1. Large groups…no.
    2. “I can only have a good time if I’m spending money”…no.
    3. “I can only have a good time if I’m inebriated”…no.
    4. “I’d rather waste half the vacation sleeping and then getting ready and then deliberating on what to do because I didn’t want to help plan an inch of the trip before we left”…no.