Chicago Gems: Cheesie’s Pub & Grub

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As a very responsible adult I try to be aware of what I consume in my diet – lean proteins, more fiber, less sugar, etc. – but sometimes I want a sandwich grilled in a sh*t ton of butter and filled with 5 different cheeses, and that’s okay, too.

If you ever have similar urges, Cheesie’s Pub & Grub is a must try for sure. I discovered the place the way I discover most of Chicago’s hidden treasures – browsing Groupon. The deal was $11 for two sandwiches, about 40% savings. Take a look at the menu!

cheesies pub menu grilled cheese recipes


Here’s what we actually ordered:

The Melt

American, Chihuahua Cheese Marinated Chicken Breast, Bacon, 1000 Island Dressing, and Tomato on Texas Toast. Comes with Creamy Pesto Mayo as a dipping sauce.

This right here is a whole lot of sandwich. It was so rich that I had to order 2 drinks to wash it down. I don’t know if I was really full or if my body was just in shock from all the cholesterol, but I only finished half of it in the restaurant. It lasted me 2 days.


El Hefe

Ground Beef, Salsa, Jalapeno’s, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Black Olives, Fritos, Chihuahua Cheese on Texas Toast & and Wrapped in a Quesadilla. Comes with Salsa as a dipping sauce.

Okay, this was my favorite! Both were good, but I definitely prefer this one to The Melt. I feel like it wasn’t as overwhelming. I will be ordering it the next time I go back 🙂


So yeah the sandwiches are delicious and extremely gratifying to eat. You will probably get a severe case of the itis immediately after consuming one, so consider being proactive and just wear pajamas so you can nap in your booth when you’re done!

That being said, indulge in moderation!


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