Review: Dana Hotel & Spa 660 N State St Chicago, IL

dana hotel chicago comfy king room
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This Near North boutique hotel is a gem. It sits humbly on State Street, amidst surrounding condos and hotels nestled between the corners of Erie and Huron (3 minute walk from the Red Line “Grand” Station). It’s perfect for a romantic getaway…but not so much the “family hotel”.

Comfy King Room

 Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars


The Good:

  • Clean room: I’m a neat freak, so my idea of clean is not easily achieved. I definitely checked shower floors, toilet rims, pillow cases, sheets, and towels. Not a stain or speck of dust in sight.
  • Nice View: This is a Near North location, so the view is not as grand as a hotel that sits on the river, or a hotel right off Navy Pier, but it is a beautiful sight, nonetheless.
  • Large Bed: I am a tall woman. Nothing worse than lying in a bed and having arms and/or legs dangling on the floor.
  • Amenities: The room came with a large iPod Dock station, floor to ceiling windows, blackout and privacy curtains, two comfy robes, two pairs of slippers (if your feet are smaller than a size 9, which mine are not – #tallgirlproblems), a Keurig, and a wine reserve. The actual hotel boasts a lavish spa, stylish restaurant, and hip rooftop lounge.
  • The Balcony: I mean, it is a balcony overlooking an eyeful of north Chicago. It does well for making up for space lost in the 280 sq foot room.
  • Location: Restaurants, convenience stores, shopping areas, train lines, nightclubs, all within 3 minute walks. Need I say more?


The Not So Good:

  • The Shower: I am not a fan of rainfall showers. To be fair, there is an alternate shower head, and a stool-like seat for adventurous couples. However, the alternate handheld shower head is so powerful that the velocity of the water sends it shooting everywhere. I ended up having to hold the shower head downwards the entire time, and let me tell you, showering with one hand is not fun.
  • The Balcony: But the balcony is listed a a good trait!” I know, I know. The balcony holds a great view, but I honestly have stood on larger tables. The balcony is a wedge style space (imagine a slice of pizza) that would fit no more than three people comfortably, and those three would be standing shoulder to shoulder. Unfortunately, it also restricts 50% of the lovely view of the city from the visual perspective of lying/sitting in bed.
  • The Missing Amenity:  someone mentioned that the Dana could have used a pool or hot tub. I can’t say I don’t agree, but I don’t think it takes away from a wonderful stay at a wonderful hotel


The Irrelevant: There is a little breakfast cafe right around the corner from the Dana called Eggsperience. The most delicious bacon you have never had. A must visit if you are a breakfast fanatic



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