Holiday Eurotrip: Backpacking 4 Countries in 2 Weeks for €150!

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Well it’s Christmas Day and I’m officially on a 2.5 week break from teaching English in Madrid! I haven’t exactly been in the holiday spirit (seriously Spain, what the hell is a December without eggnog), but I do happen to have major plans regardless. What kind of plans, you ask? Well, some heavy duty traveling, of course. Over the next 18 days, my roommates and I are going to backpack over 4 different countries for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday Eurotrip! Where to? Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hamburg, Germany, and finally Milan, Italy. We return to Madrid Sunday at 11:30 AM and have to be back in the classroom the very next morning. A bit overzealous? Probably. But as a wise poet once stated, “YOLO”. Besides, at the price we paid for transportation, we couldn’t say no!



First stop, Brussels. Leaving Madrid’s Barajas Airport, a one way flight to CRL with Ryanair cost a total of €49. Staying within baggage guidelines, carry on luggage is free, and since we always opt for random seat assignments there are no extra charges. The price isn’t that great compared to most Ryanair fares, but I mean, for an international flight on Christmas Eve it’s not exactly off to a bad start, right?


Yes, we could have taken another flight for this trip, but a train was just so much cheaper. We traded wings for rails here and opted for a 2 hour ride with Rail Europe. I’ve heard that the views are amazing by train, so ya girl will make sure to take some shots for the ‘gram. Total price for one way transportation and endless photo ops? A whopping €37. Free wifi and free luggage make the deal that much sweeter.


So here’s where things got weird. We compared transportation prices and decided to take another train to get to Hamburg. As we all sat around buying our prospective tickets, it just so happened that my roommates purchased the last two seats on train before I could get mine. What the hell was a girl to do? Resort to her least favorite method of transportation, unfortunately. I booked a 7 hour bus ride (Lord help me) from Amsterdam to Hamburg with a company called Flixbus. Total price: €33. Not exactly ideal, but ya know…desperate times.


Finally, to get to Italy we’re getting back on an airplane. We booked a Ryanair flight just under 2 hours for a total for €31. Lord knows that after that bus ride I will be ever so grateful to be back in the air.


Gotta go home eventually, right? Our return flight to Madrid was also booked through Ryanair, at a fair price of €27.


Total price for 3 flights, 1 train, and 1 bus: €142.57



Can’t find prices like that back in the States!

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  • Danielle

    Nice! Would love to know the final budget after your trip is over. How you were able to save in each country. Also, excited to hear how you liked Belgium! I grew up there.

    • Great idea, I’ll get to it! And I absolutely adored Brussels! I have a post coming up about Matonge!

  • This is freaking awesome!
    Even though it soinds tiring to have such a long ride, it still sounds so adventurous! I’m a sucker for an adventure.
    The amount paid sounds like a dream. The closest I have came to paying something that low is taking Megabus from Cleveland to Milwaukee for $55 round trip. That was almost 10 years ago.

    • It was definitely amazing, but equally tiring lol! I didn’t even know megabus has been around for 10 years, wow!