Review: MileNorth Chicago Hotel 166 E Superior St Chicago, IL

mile north chicago hotel room
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This hip hotel is located about a block from Michigan Ave and it’s bustling stretch of restaurants and stores galore. It can be easy to miss amongst the surrounding high-rises, but definitely stands its ground in originalilty and style. I booked this hotel using a Groupon Getaway deal, which also gave us a $10 credit at the hotel’s restaurant Barista Bar. 

Standard Queen/City View King

Rating: 4 stars 


The Good:

  • Tres Chic:  The MileNorth vibe is somewhere between quintessential hipster and cool grandparent. The lobby is spacious and homey, with dim lighting and an electric screen fireplace. There are lots of cozy seats and reading lamps and a nice collection of books that I imagine guests aren’t actually allowed to touch (womp womp). The western end of the lobby holds Barista Bar, a more modern area with Starbucks products and a completely delectable dinner menu.
  • Barista Bar: Seriously, the food was amazing
  • A+ Customer Service: From the concierge in the lobby to the waiter at the bar, every employee I encountered at MileNorth  was pleasant and polite. A few hours after settling into our Standard Queen, I noticed that the heat was not working and called the front desk to request repair. Someone was up within minutes, and when he came to the conclusion that *insert technical jargon that means the heater is broken here*, he told me that management would be willing to move me to a bigger room on a higher floor (City View King). I graciously accepted, of course.
  • Bathroom: No, the MileNorth bathroom isn’t wildly extravagant. There’s no marble floor, no rainfall shower head, no television in the mirror. But what it lacks in luxury it makes up for in efficiency. Again, there are photos that will paint a better picture than my words, but I will say my favorite part was the vanity area, complete with a large mirror, controlled lighting, counter space, and a seating ottoman.
  • S P A C E: the rooms are spacious and open thanks to the unique layout of MileNorth rooms.  


Not So Good:

  • The…View: I excitedly opened the Standard Queen room windows and was revealed an eyeful of…the surrounding buildings’ rooms and offices. The MileNorth is in too crowded of an area to have a great view of the city. I will say, however, that if I tilted my head back far enough I could see the top of the Sears Tower (or Willis Tower, I suppose you may know it by). Even upon being moved to the City View King, the scope of the city was so narrow that the most exciting aspect was watching traffic on the only street in sight below
  • Small Details: Someone  noted that they thought the television was rather small for the room size. Meh. They also thought the sheets could have been softer. I personally thought the bed was wonderful
  • Where’s the Chair?:  Someone also stated that they thought it would be more fitting (given all the space) that there was a chair or couch for lounging. Outside of the bed and work desk chair, there were no other seating options.

The Irrelevant: If you’re visiting Chicago for the first time, I strongly suggest you skip on the Gino’s East pizzeria next door and head for the closest Giordannos 🙂