MTV Cribs: Madrid Piso Edition

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I’ve shared my tips about how to find housing in Spain. I’ve told you that I live in the “hood” of Madrid. But I’ve never explained what my actual piso is like. Curious to know? Well, today I’m sharing. Welcome to Cribs: The Auxiliar Edition!

I live in a 14 story building in the barrio of Opañel. The residents, much like the neighborhood, is mostly comprised of senior citizens. There’s a small tiny park near the parking lot and a large patio where mostly teenagers hang. In short, there’s nothing really special about the outside of the building.


Walk inside and you’ll pass our portera Maria, she’s the door lady/cleaning lady/Colombian tía I’ve never had. When my friends moved into our apartment a month before me, she let me live in in her extra bedroom until my room was ready. In summation, she’s the real MVP. You better pleasantly greet the fuck out of her.

Moving along, take one of the two elevators up to the 11th floor. Now you’re standing outside my apartment! Take off your shoes and come inside.

This is our living room/dining room. It has a loveseat, dining set, television, and armchair (not pictured). We do have some sort of basic Spanish cable, but we literally never watch tv. We also have wifi (included in the rent), but it goes out whenever there are more than 8 clouds in the sky.

Now follow me into the kitchen. Pretty spacious, right? We have a refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, and electric stove/oven. Also the world’s smallest sink with water pressure strong enough to rinse the skin right off your hands.

If we walk back through the living room, we’ll get to the second bathroom. We do have a much larger one, but this is the one that I like to use. Anywho, you see all the basic bathroom stuff here: toilet, sink, shower, etc. Unfortunately, our piso ONLY has standing showers so there is never an option to take a bath. Also, yes that is me in the mirror and yes I am wearing a onsie. Fight me.

Walk past the 2 doors on your left (my roommates’ rooms), and you’ve arrived to my humble habitación. I got lucky, mine is the biggest of the three, so I enjoy a larger bed, more windows, and more closet space. We all got sheets upon our arrival, and we all have a desk and chair. I would say this is where the magic happens, but I don’t do anything in here but sleep, paint, and binge on Netflix.

Walk back outside past the living room, and you’re standing on our balcony. We have pretty nice views of the south of Madrid, and half views of the east and west. I love to stand out here and people watch, but we mostly use it to dry our clothes when doing laundry.


How much do we pay for this lovely piso? We all pay €400 each. For the space and amenities, I think it’s pretty fair:

  • Fully furnished
  • Free utilities
  • Free wifi
  • Natural heat
  • Air conditioner
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Free Biweekly cleaning service

So yes, we may live 20 minutes from the center, but it’s worth it for what we get in our home.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour, but it’s time for you to go. BYE FELICIA. Until next time <3

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