Chicago Gems: National Museum of Mexican Art

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Chicago is a unique assortment of tightly knit cultural/ethnic neighborhoods.  When you ignore the underlying consequences like social stratification and segregation, it’s actually pretty awesome. But, I digress.

Among my favorite neighborhoods are Pilsen/Little Village, or La Villita – a hub of (mostly) Mexican culture. I worked in the area for a little under a year, and got to discover many of it’s gems (90% being food-involved), my favorite being the National Museum of Mexican Art!

“Here, in the heart of the city’s Mexican community, our 8,500-piece permanent collection meets the highest museum standards. Our pieces and exhibitions travel to museums around the globe because the quality of our collection is highly valued. But here at home, the museum is always free. 

Our curators are experts in Mexican art and their passion for the museum is contagious. You’ll pick this up at every turn, from the up-close-and-personal placement of the art to the bilingual stories that guide you through the galleries.”  – source

An old street art exhibit in the museum
Art that can be found all throughout the neighborhood

If you are ever in the city looking for something to do, check out this underrated beauty!

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