New Year’s Resolution: Saving Money to Travel

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I’ve never been huge on the New Year’s Resolution thing. I have no discipline for strict diets, I don’t really have time to be a volunteer, and I simply don’t want to be any nicer or stop swearing or any of that other BS. In my 24 years of living I had never made a New Year’s Resolution, and I didn’t plan on starting anytime soon.

This year, that changes. I have one New Year’s Resolution, and by God I’m gonna keep it.


Seriously, have you ever done that thing where you calculate how much you spend on fast food every month? I did. And I sat there in utter disbelief and disgust with myself. I could have taken a road trip every other week, or saved all that money and had an international vacation at the end of the year! What was my problem?!

Does my blood run on soup from Au Bon Pain? Was that meal at Chipotle really worth $20? Did I HAVE to go to Chick Fil A so many times this week? DO I NOT HAVE FOOD IN MY REFRIGERATOR AT HOME???

basically me on my lunch breaks

I work about 6 days a week, and every lunch break I was spending at least $10. That didn’t count breakfast, snacks, and beverages. So that’s at least $60 a week for one meal a day. Let’s break that down.

A $13 meal at Corner Bakery (salad + half sandwich + drink) is about two servings of food for me, let’s just say half for lunch, half for dinner. Besides a grapefruit or bowl of oatmeal for breakfast in the morning, that meal basically would have fed me all day. Cool.

Now let’s take a trip to Treasure Island (my local grocery store) to purchase ingredients to make that meal myself. If I stay cost-conscious and look for sale items, I’d roughly come up to $15-$20. Not much difference, right? Except now I have enough ingredients to eat this meal all week. One day’s worth of food for $13 vs. a week’s worth of food for $20? Given my regular spending habits, that’s saving me at least $35 a week!

So since I’m trying to save as much money as possible to travel throughout 2016, I’ve decided to make some serious changes. Since December 1st I’ve been cooking at home and packing my lunch for work. I also keep fruit or granola bars in my purse so I’m not tempted to buy fries or a burger when I’m hungry for a snack. I’ve already saved a ton of money (and lost some weight!) so I know it works, and that is why my New Year’s Resolution is to stay strong with this habit into 2016!

basically me in 2016



What’s your New Year’s Resolution? How do you save money for traveling?

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