How to Order Prescription Glasses in Spain

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For my fellow four eyed expats in need of prescription glasses, this post is for you. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same style all your life and you’re ready for a new look. Maybe you broke or lost the last pair you had and you don’t know what the hell to do. Or maybe you’re squeamish like me and can never wear contacts because the thought of touching your eyeball makes you want to throw up. Either way, there is a solution for you, pals.

Back in America, I got all my glasses from Sure, shipping took forever, but you can’t really beat paying $40 for prescription glasses. Well, I found a similar European company that goes by the name of Extra Optical. Glasses are as low as €20, and shipping throughout Spain is completely free!

extra optical prescription glasses spain cheap delivery

I ordered two pairs of really cute frames: Belmont in speckled gray and Kerman in black. For the lenses I chose the most basic (read: free) option, and entered my latest American optician’s prescription. After taxes my total cost was €50, which I paid with my American debit card.

The glasses were delivered while I was on my eurotrip vacation, but I’d estimate shipping took about 2.5 weeks. They seem to be of good enough quality, but most importantly, I still look cute when I wear them lol.

Both pairs came with a case, cleaning cloth, and screw thingy. Basically everything you could need for less than €50. So while the fit may be a gamble, I consider it a good investment. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish, or hate going to the doctor like me.




So yes, I recommend Extra Optical to anybody on a budget. And no, I didn’t get paid anything to write this post. I’m just sharing out of the blindness kindness of my heart 🙂



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