A Way to Avoid Racism & Discrimination While Traveling

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A few months ago, social media was ignited with hundreds of narratives describing encounters with discrimination on Airbnb. Marginalized people from all over the world discussed being denied accommodations while traveling due to what they believed was their race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or other identifier. Articles went viral, scientific studies were conducted, and the hashtag #Airbnbwhileblack emerged.

Admist all the controversy, multiple solutions were presented. One of them is Innclusive.com, an alternative home share website where tolerance is demanded and diversity is celebrated. Hear more about it in the video below!



Have you ever experienced discrimination while traveling?

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  • Luckily, I haven’t. But I do admit that the horror stories made me very hesitant to try AirBNB. I’m grateful for companies like Innclusive for creating a safe way for travelers of color to find lodging and I’ll definitely be trying them out my next trip!

    • I haven’t either, but I appreciate this avenue as well!