How to Save Money on Spirit Airlines Flights

save money on spirit airlines
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I’m a frugal person. I like clearance racks, coupon codes, and BOGO deals. This also applies to travel. As you guys may know, I fly Spirit a lot because cheap airfare is my best friend. Well, guess what. I just learned of a way to make Spirit flights even cheaper! ALMOST FORTY DOLLARS CHEAPER to be exact! Would you like to know how??? Okay stop doing what you’re doing and and listen real close.

  1. Search for the cheapest Spirit flight on one of these budget-friendly sites.
  2. Write down the dates and the price of the flight, but don’t book it.
  3. Get on a train or bus and head your nearest airport.
  4. Buy said flight(s) at the Spirit terminal.
  5. You just saved yourself a bunch of money by switching to Geico.

Do you ever look at the breakdown of taxes and fees included in your flight?


That $35.98 “Passenger Usage Fee” is basically a luxury tax for the convenience of booking online (yeah, they snuck that in there real good). So taking a trip to the airport to purchase your flight instead of booking online saves you almost $40 on airfare! I don’t know about you, but my 45 minute ride to O’Hare on the CTA (Chicago’s train system) is totally worth it! Just yesterday bought a $37 roundtrip ticket from Chicago to New Orleans!


Now tell a friend and GO TRAVEL!

 What’s the cheapest airfare you’ve ever scored? Would you go to the airport to buy tickets?

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  • That is a heck of a deal. I wish I saw this in February when I booked my flight to Costa Rica. If I decide to fly with Spirit after that, I will book at the airport.

    • Costa Rica sounds amazing, you must write about it when you get back! Thanks for stopping by, Jason 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I will definitely have a post about it.

  • Shanté Skyers

    What?!!! This is a true hacking tip! Thanks! I definitely think I’ll try this. Are you not afraid of the ticketing being sold out by the time you arrive at the airport?