Review: Swissôtel Chicago 323 E Upper Wacker Chicago, IL

swissotel hotel room bed
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This award winning hotel is both luxurious and unique. It stands out among the plethora of surrounding hotels with its all glass, triangular architecture. Sitting right between the Chicago River and Navy Pier, the views are lovely and the location is prime.

Classic King

Rating: 4 stars

The Good:

  • Destination Elevators: Imagine trying to reach the 39th floor on a crowded elevator stopping every three to five floors. Annoying, right? Destination elevators let you specify your exact destination (duh) before arriving, just punch your floor into the caller and an express elevator just for surrounding floors come to your rescue.
  • View: Well, the room did not directly face the main attractions of downtown Chicago, but the view (despite the haze of snowfall) was beautiful nonetheless. The window spanned the entire western wall of the room, and was covered by privacy and blackout curtains. Furthermore, there are many more lovely views of Navy Pier and the Chicago River throughout the hotel.
  • Space: Averaging at 319 sq ft, the room was large compared to most standard classic rooms in many hotels. The desk space was large and separate, and the amenities of the room were not cramped on top of each other. There was more than enough moving space between the bed and the surrounding furniture
  • Bathroom: The bathroom was clean and spacious. It held a lovely frameless shower (which someone  described as the best shower they had ever taken in a hotel), and a separate bathtub with an oh-so-considerate short column keeping at distance views of the toilet while you relax. Two-level switching also lets guests use a dimmer light to save energy and their retinas from the painful burning of night time bathroom breaks.
  • Convenience: Light switches that you can control from literally every corner of the room. Light switches by the bed, by the desk, by the door, and on each actual lamp. Not to mention the lovely iPod docking station on the dresser next to the bed.

The Not So Good:

  • Bedding: I was initially impressed following my inspection for cleanliness in the room. However, after waking up to a sheet with faded foundation stains, I was quite distressed. (No, it wasn’t mine. I don’t wear foundation, but I do know the stain when I see it). I gave the Swissotel a pass because the room was otherwise clean, and the stain was fairly small and faded by what I concluded to be multiple rounds in the washing machine.
  • Atmosphere: hope imagine that there was some convention or business conference during the time of our stay, but the demographics were pretty overwhelming. Like 15:1. I’ll just let you all interpret that as you will.
  • Service: The heater in the room was blowing out cold air, and I made a call to the service desk about it. A gentlemen was sent up a few minutes later, but he entered in complete silence, and said all of 2 words, not even a decent hello. A little rude, don’t you think?

The Irrelevant: A taxi to Navy Pier will only run you about 6 bucks. Also, Chipotle is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Mmm.