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I’m sorry, I’m basically seizing with excitement as I type. I called my mom AND one of my friends to share this news and neither of them picked up, sooooooo you guys heard it here first! Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I applied to teach English in Spain this winter. Well, after a 5 month wait, I just got my acceptance letter/email from the Ministry! I am going to be an Auxiliar de Conversacion! AND I was assigned my first choice – Madrid!

¡Qué alegría! ¡Hurra! ¡Felicitaciones para mi!

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This entire time that I’ve been blogging and researching…I honestly had feelings of doubt that it would actually happen for me. To this day, I haven’t even told my family because I didn’t want to jinx the opportunity (I probably won’t tell them until after my visa appointment). I didn’t want to admit to my perpetual fear of failure, so I projected my doubts to “luck” and “chance”. I figured my supervisor’s recommendation (instead of the required professor’s) wouldn’t be accepted, or I would miss an acceptance email sitting in my spam (I’ve never checked my junk mail so often, I swear). But here it is. I’m accepted, and not only that, I received a placement in my #1 region!

In other words…I guess I’m really freaking doing this, huh?!

Alright, so enough with all the feels. What’s the next step for me? Well, of course, I logged into Profex to accept the placement.


Now, I’m going to review the visa process and start cyberstalking the Madrid region of Spain. I won’t be scoping for pisos until I receive my carta de nombramiento which includes the address of the actual school assignment. The region of Madrid and the city of Madrid are not the same thing (kind of like New York City, New York), so I could be teaching in the city center or a rural village. I’m definitely hoping for an urban area though. I AM a Chicago girl after all 🙂

Have you been to Madrid or anywhere in Spain? Have you ever lived or taught abroad?

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Lauren is a Chicago native and budget traveler obsessed with foreign languages, neuropsychology, dancing, and applesauce. She recently quit her full-time job in social services to be a human English dictionary in Madrid, Spain.
  • Liz

    Hey, congratulations! I too am a Chicago girl headed to Madrid this fall. I can definitely relate to the anxiety and doubt from the excruciatingly long wait period.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

    • Thanks and congrats to you, too! I love it here but I’m absolutely ready to GO! Thanks for reading and please do keep in touch!

      • Liz

        Thanks! I’m actually going with BEDA but we should meet up once we’re both settled in Madrid!

        Good luck with the visa process and hope to see you in Spain!

  • Aparentabroad

    Congratulations! I was also placed in Madrid. You guys are lucky you are already near the consulate. I’m in Missouri, so I have a bit of a drive. Now we just have to wait patiently for our fate to be sent to us. AKA carta de nombramiento lol

    • Thank you, we will be madrileños together! Shoot me a heads up when you head to the consulate!

      • Aparentabroad

        I definitely will! I was looking at hotels near the consulate just yesterday. Why is your city so expensive?? lol

        • Lol yeah it’s bad. Get an Airbnb or check hotels on groupon and hotel tonight (an app). Use code lwalker108 to get $25 off the latter 🙂

          • Aparentabroad


  • M’Shai S. Dash


  • Hey, I got into BEDA… I sent you an email before I saw this post lol but congrats! I’ll be in Ourense for the year in Galicia! I’ve lived in Spain before in Bilbao for a student exchange. You’ll love Spain!

    • Oh yay! I definitely didn’t get accepted by BEDA lol, but it all worked out so I’m happy either way 🙂

  • Rae

    I’ve never lived or taught abroad but it’s interesting how one of my old coworkers JUST shared with me how he’s leaving to do the exact same thing. He’ll be teaching English in Taiwan. I think teaching abroad is so amazing and I’m sure you’ll do great.

    Congratulations or such a major accomplishment! You go girl!

    • Thank you! Yes, lots of countries have similar programs. I’m considering learning French to do their program after this lol!

  • Kay

    So exciting!! I just started my TEFL classes and Spain is one of my top options once I’m complete. Ideally would love to start working January 2018. Do I need to be in spain to get find a teaching job or can i apply + interview while in the states before flying it? How’d you go about it? Sorry if you’ve already answered this Q, I’m new to your blog. 🙂 THANKS!