What It’s Like Teaching English in a Primaria

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Wondering what it’s like teaching English in a primaria (elementary school)? I should know. I work with 1st and 2nd graders at CEIP Lope de Vega in Leganés. This means my students are an average of 5-7 years old. If I had to pick one word to describe the experience, it would probably be “entertaining”. But just for fun, these GIFS and pictures will paint a much better picture.

When you walk into the classroom and everyone yells


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Hello, my beautiful jovenes!

When the students don’t understand instructions for the assignment 

I said LISTEN AND CIRCLE! Why are you all writing? The audio hasn’t even started!

When somone butchers a sentence like “She do like the eat strawberries”

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This is a real example, by the way.

When you’re giving a lesson and no one is paying attention

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They’re especially rowdy after patio (recess)


When you catch a student eating their boogers

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All day. Every day.

The one obnoxious kid in the class who knows absolutely everything

“Does anyone BESIDES _______ know the answer?”

Taking full advantage of the free lunch for teachers

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Ever seen supermarket sweep? That’s me making my bocadillos.

When you’ve asked a simple question 4 different ways and the entire classroom just gives you a blank stare

Come on guys, pls.

Every time someone coughs or sneezes without covering their mouths

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which is literally 98% of the time

The one kid who stays in their own world 

I have quite a few of these, actually

When the students aren’t listening and you’re past your breaking point

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“And we see here that the boy – CUANTOS VECES HE DICHO NO HABLE CUANDO ESTOY HABLANDO?!?!?!”

When they respond “¡¡¡¡¡LA PROFE HABLA ESPAÑOL!!!!!” 

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Damn skippy.


Did I miss anything?

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