Review: The Godfrey Hotel Chicago 127 W Huron Chicago, IL

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This hotel sits on the corner of LaSalle and Huron (right next door to Hotel Felix), but don’t be fooled by its shallow aesthetics. There is much less to this hotel than what meets the eye. This hotel gets my very first “A for effort” review. It has a lot of potential, but is not quite ready for primetime.

Double Queen Room

Rating: 3 relcutant stars

The Good:

  • Aesthetics: The hotel upon first impression is definitely full of beauty, inside and out. It’s geometric build and clean, crisp decor create a luxurious and modern feel. It put me in the mind of the lovely Ivy Boutique Hotel…but on a slightly lower scale.
  • Location: The hotel is steps away from the magnificent mile, so shopping and restaurants are in an abundance. Taxis are at no shortage, several bus routes pass on each corner, and CTA trains are within a half-mile walk.
  • Staff: Although I experienced quite a few difficulties, guest services remained very patient, polite, and courteous. Sadly, that is quite an impressive feat these days.
  • Amenities: The hotel has an on-site spa and fitness area (no I did not use either), but the gem of the building is definitely the impressive I|O Urban Roofscape. It stretches wide along the skyline, with large floor to ceiling windows that make you forget you are standing indoors (there are uncovered patios for outdoor lounging, as well). The decor is chic and luxurious, and seating actually not scarce. There are plenty of different atmospheres within the entire lounge, a more restaurant feel upon immediate entrance, a nightclub feel in the dead center, and a bar feel in the back towards the windows. There are also more intimate, quiet rooms with a large television and comfortable couches, to escape all of the noise. This lounge is honestly outstanding, and though I would not book another stay in the hotel, I would definitely visit the Roofscape again.

The Not So Good:

  • Understaffing: I understand that I booked the room on a terribly chaotic day for busniess (V-day), but there is no way in hell that each person should take as long as they did to check in. I feel like I stood in line forever; AND I experienced issues when seen. Guest services told me that my card was declined for the deposit, and I had to actually log into my credit card account and show them the pending fee before they acknowledged that it went through.
  • Technical Issues: Well, it’s always lovely to get on the only working elevator in the hotel after waiting approximately 10 minutes with 10 other guests and hear “Please do not be alarmed, we are experience power shortages and technical difficulties…”. Yes, how comforting. Oh, and the dim lighting in the room as a consequence of such? Dandy.
  • The…view?:  My lovely impression upon entrance of the room rapidly declined until the very end of our stay. What was hardest to understand, was the ill placed furniture in terms of the oddly shaped windows. As you can see in the photos below, the only actual floor to ceiling window in the room was obstructed completely by a bed. Why? Oh, well we imagine it’s because when you finally maneuver yourself around the bed and fight with the drapes enough to try to enjoy your view, you are left with a sight of nothing more than the additional obstructed windows of your fellow hotel visitors. Nice. Oh, and the other window in the room? Don’t bother, because although it is unobstructed, the shape and size of the window is perpetually halfway blocked by the bulky drapery elected for use throughout the hotel.
  • The Basics: There was no kleenex in the box allotted for tissues, and there were no towels previously hung in the bathroom. I mean, come on. The simple things, guys.
  • Unfinished Business: Some things in our room made it appear that they hadn’t even finished construction before they started taking guests in. The bathroom door handlde was not completely screwed in, leaving the latch unable to firmly close the door. Also, there was clear sticker residue (seen below) left on the glass mirror closet in the room. Well, at least they removed it. I guess they just had to get back to IKEA for more furniture before they could do a more thorough job.
  • Oh, My Aching Back: This was honestly some of the worst hotel sleep I have ever experienced. I initially lied in one bed, but moved to another to actually get some sleep. Not fifteen minutes after lying perfectly still do I hear a loud “pop” noise, and experience an ever so slight shift of movement in the bed. Yes, I believe a bed spring broke. I woke up with back pains, and complaints of a crappy night of sleep. Oh, and the way the second bed is placed, prevents one person from being able to roll quietly out of bed. Why place a bed directly on the wall???
  • Priorities: While I was becoming ever more disappointed in the room, I decided to check out the popular I|O lounge. Well, well, well, this is where all the perfection lies. The I|O is listed as a “good” on the list because it is just that beautiful, but it is also down here with the “not so good” because it makes you wonder, why couldn’t they put this effort into the rest of the rooms??? It is definitely clear that MUCH more investment went into this area, and if it was going to be this uneven, they could have just made the Godfrey one big club and left it at that.

The Irrelevant: Bring your own bottle of alcohol, because the lounge is EXPENSIVE. Eleven dollars for 4 ounces of Jack and Coke? Smh.


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