Things to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

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There are 3 main reasons I don’t gamble:

  1. I hate the thought of losing money (yes, even more than I love the thought of winning money)
  2. The only card games I’m actually any good at are Spades and I Declare War
  3. I grew up super Christian so when I think of gambling I think of pissed off, table-flipping Jesus and I just can’t go through with it

So why did I decide to spend my 23rd birthday in Las Vegas? I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Would I really have fun if I didn’t indulge? Would my friends be upset if they wanted to play and I didn’t? Would I drain all of my savings and be broke when I got home? Would I win the jackpot in some casino and get murdered in the parking lot for my winnings? (Yes, I’m that dramatic).

I allotted myself one roll of quarters for the entire weekend, but I ended up not spending a penny. There are TONS of things to do in Vegas besides gamble, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not doing it AT ALL!


This method alone should suffice any vacation. Vegas is teeming with theater arts, concerts, museums, and tours, just to name a few. You can get suggestions from anyone – a hotel concierge, taxi driver, or even your bartender. There are also sites like Groupon, Living Social, and TravelZoo that conveniently list all of the amazing deals on events and activities in whatever city you’re in.

We used the latter method during our stay, and we found DOZENS of things to do. There were offers on anything you could think of: spa packages, bar crawls, go-karting, wall climbing, helicopter rides, zip lining, the high-roller, tattoos, dinners, you name it! I had the most fun go-karting (I won, of course), and riding the VooDoo zipline from the 50th floor of the Rio Hotel Towers. The views were absolutely amazing!


There are so many places to eat, it’s kind of overwhelming. You could go to a different restaurant for each meal everyday and STILL not cover every option. If you’re feeling luxurious you can dine at the revolving Top of the World restaurant, 800 feet above the city. If you’re feeling more casual you can go for the more familiar options like Outback Steakhouse, Hooters, or Border Grill. Check out this article to see even more places (note: all of them are not located on the strip). I ate a lot of meals from the restaurants in hotels and poolsides, and I was never disappointed.


Listen to me, if you’re going to Vegas to party, look into Las Vegas Guest List. It’s kind of like a promotion team; you get to select 1 day party, 1 nightclub, and 1 after party to attend each day of your stay. We got into every party for FREE with absolutely no wait/hassle, and most of the selections included one free drink! There is no payment necessary, no newsletters to sign up for, no spammy text messages. Chris simply texted me before each party to confirm I was all set to arrive, and when I wanted to change an event at the last minute he had no problem accommodating. Seriously, Las Vegas Guest List is the sh*t.

Now for the actual nightlife, it was amazing. The entire strip is a non-stop party! I’d say it was the most intense scene I’d ever experienced, and that’s counting being in Cabo San Lucas for Spring Break. My personal recommendations are 1 OAK, TAO Beach, Ghostbar, and XS Nightclub.


I could write on and on about all the individual places you could go and things you could do, but vacations aren’t about itineraries and schedules, it’s about new experiences! I may have enjoyed the things I did, but you could love doing something totally different. All that really matters is that you thoroughly yourself  – regardless of what that may or may not include!


 What do you like to do in Vegas?


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  • I love Vegas. I actually went last year for my birthday. I love the whole strip. I enjoy checking out the volcano’s at the Mirage. I also like Downtown Las Vegas. It’s cheaper but you can have just as much fun there.

    • That sounds awesome. I said next time I go I’d definitely get away from the strip to see what else the city has to offer! Thanks for reading 🙂

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