These Sites and Apps Will Help You Travel on a Budget

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Want to travel, but short on funds? Join the club. I am the founder; the embodiment of champagne tastes on a apple juice budget. Follow me as we quickly rummage through the clearance rack of travel with these apps and websites that can save you lots of money:


Hotel Tonight App: For the more spontaneous traveler. Book a room up to 7 days in advance of travel to find great discounted rates. Perfect for hotel hopping or lengthening vacations. Code lwalker108 gets you $25 off your first purchase!

downside: if there is a conference, festival, or other heavy traffic travel event going on, prices will skyrocket.

Groupon Getaways: Groupon always has plenty of locations hotel discounts and even vacation packages including airfare. Remember that when booking a hotel, refunds are not available and the dates are not transferable!

downside: many deals  require two travelers, and have a hefty fee for solo travel. Also, not much planning time as deals typically only last 7-10 days (give or take)

Living Social Escapes: I personally prefer Groupon, but Living Social offers similar deals for domestic and international vacations. Even if they are a bit harder to find.

downside: see Groupon

Expedia ASAP Deals: For those with flexible travel dates. Expedia lists the best deals on many destination from your city of departure. You can search flights, hotels, or vacation packages.

downside: you have to travel within the given time frames, usually no more than 2 weeks in advance.

PayPal Friendly Sites : Need a payment plan? If you have PayPal you can book as normal and select payment with PayPal Credit. Now you have 6 months to pay it off, interest free* !

downside: restricted to certain airlines/companies

ITA Software Matrix: Basically a database that lets you compare airlines, prices, dates, and times for the best flights to your destination. Note – you can’t purchase your flight here, but you will know where to go to do so!

downside: I can’t think of one


websites apps budget travel expedia ASAP groupon getaways ita software matrix

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