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I spend an alarming amount of my time at work watching YouTube. It’s hands down my favorite form of social media. I can find a new way to do my hair, watch babies nibbling on their feet, and practice a new language all within the same hour (could I possibly have adult ADD?). More than anything, I find myself watching travel videos. Yep, while I’m sitting in my cubicle trying not to inhale my coworkers’ sneezes (seriously, they sneeze 328 times a day), I’m probably watching someone tour the pyramids in Egypt or swim the clear waters of Montego Bay. That, my friends, is called coping.

That being said, I want to share the travel channels I watch the most with you today!



damon and jo shut up and go travel youtube

Oh, what would my life be without Damon and Jo of Shut Up and Go? My #1 YouTube favorites, I watched 200+ of their videos in about 1 week. These two gorgeous humans met in college and soon turned the world into their own huge playground. They focus on budget travel and cultural immersion, with lots of personality along the way. In fact, their chemistry picked up so much attention that they partnered with big brands like AT&T and MTV! In case you aren’t wondering what you’ve been doing with your life yet, allow me to mention that these two twenty-somethings are also polyglots. Yes, they have videos in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and more! Maravilhoso!



tia taylor youtube italy study abroad travel channel

The epitome of beauty and brains, right here! Tia is an Economics student at the #1 university in Italy, yet she still manages to slay my life with her gorgeous makeup tutorials and fashion looks. If you have any questions about the Italian way of life, you can probably find answers in her USA/ITA comparison videos. She has covered topics like dating, healthcare, gun control, beauty standards, and more! Most of her videos are in English, but she also speaks Italian and includes English subtitles.



fli heritage youtube travel channel travel while black

“Fli with an I” travels so often I don’t even know where she is originally from (lol). She first caught my attention through her Traveling While Black video series, where she details her experience as a black woman in various countries. She occasionally conducts expat interviews, delving into deep topics like government, racism, and culture shock, for example. She’s been spending most of her time lately exploring South America. The views she has captured in Colombia and Peru are absolutely to die for!



oneika the traveler youtube travel vlog channel

Oneika the Traveller is better known for her blog, but her YouTube channel is just as amazing. A well-established name in the travel community, she offers valuable advice on topics from budgeting to new friendships. Her videos also include engaging discussions from “are you a travel snob to “is it okay to recline your airplane seat”. A bit of an adventurist? Watch exciting footage of her swimming the edge of Victoria Falls, or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain!


Can’t get enough? Here are a few more suggestions:

AmbieGonzalezTV | CharleyCheer | SomewhereAlwaysTee | TheBlogAbroad | SashaMarie-Marshall

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

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